Railway Board

Railway Board will comprise of the following:


Ex-officio members:


  1. Secretary, Ministry of Railways who shall  be the Chairman of the Board;
  2. Secretary, Communications Division;
  3. Secretary, Finance Division;
  4. Secretary, Planning, Development and Reform Division;
  5. General Manager, Railway Operations (CEO/Sr.General Manager);
  6. General Manager/Manufacturing and Services;
  7. Member Finance, Railway Division; and


Private Members:

  1.  Syed Muhammad Talib Rizvi, Group Chief Executive Officer/United International Group
  2. Syed Ijaz Hussain, Member Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)  (Retired)
  3. Mr. Muhammad Amir Khan Chief Engineer Railways (Retired)


Secretary Railway Board, Railways  Division, shall act as Secretary of the Board and to assist the Board in discharge of its functions there shall be such other officers and servants as the Board may appoint.